THADDEUS O'NEIL Striped Hoodie Trench Coat and Striped Pipe Pant


Thaddeus O'Neil's Spring'17 collection is a slight departure from the usual

sun-bleached haze of sand and surf which generally preoccupies his collections.

The designer was inspired by journeys to Japan, both by the culture and the natural aesthetics of the country.


Thaddeus O'Neil Striped Beach Shirt


In particular, the fiery oranges and reds of Shinto temples caught the designer's eye.

The colors and the mood set the tone for the theme of his Spring collection: The Temple of the Burning Sun,

a mythical cathedral which epitomized O'Neil's urban nomad style in luxurious fabrics and textures. 


To convey these inspirations, this editorial was shot in the north shore of Long Island.
The natural beauty of the beach and ocean, juxtaposed against the bright blue 
of the skies and lush trees, was the ideal setting to capture The Temple of the Burning Sun in all its glory.


Assistant: Andries Boekelman @andriesboekelman


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