Posted on June 27 2018

Krammer & Stoudt

by Rae Witte

Dad hats. Dad sneakers. Dad sweaters. Sometimes dad-ish pieces go from dad-like to ironic to fashionable, and while your old man may not get it, not every dad is completely fashionably clueless. There are “cool” dads (and hot dads and daddy dads, too, but we’re just guiding you to the “cool” section today). In fact, some young dads got it going on way more than your average man with nothing to be responsible but himself and manage to still give off “I’m a responsible man and I have a kid” vibes.

In order to reach this perfect combination of “cool”, responsible, and most importantly, as if you did not spend more time putting together your outfit than caring for your children (hidden or not, yikes), there’s a few places you can focus on or switch up for a subtle upgrade in cool factor, Pops. 

Dad Style Steve Martin Martin Short GQ
Courtesy of GQ

You can keep the silhouette simple, classic, dad-esque and play with the patterns, materials, and textures. Perhaps a top with an utterly useless pocket, quilted sweats, or a print on your otherwise ordinary shorts.

For some reason, after kids are in the picture, dad’s style falls off and it doesn't need to. Not for nothing, you didn’t even birth a baby, so you have no excuse for appearing like an embarrassment to the family.

If you’re not a dad but are looking to lend a helping style hand to a father figure in your life, or you yourself simply want get on board with an elevated basic (read: super comfy, kinda fly à la John Mayer) look, these are awesome options to improve wardrobes without getting too far out of your comfort zone:

John Mayer Dad Style
IG– @johnmayer

Option A: Prints

The more obvious, easier of the two hacks, prints can add pop to a look or be combined to really set yourself into the upper echelon of cool dad.

Krammer & Stoudt Hawaiian Print Dillon Shirt Thaddeus O'Neil God Save the Sea Tee Shirt  Carlos Campos Deco Print Cargo Shorts 


Option B: Textures

The more subtle of the two, alternative textures are less loud and, when pulled off right, can look a little more effortless whether a pair of trousers or a better-than-average button down.

 Ddugoff Kyle Short Sleeve SweaterPalmiers Du Mal Seersucker Trouser Ddugoff Rodney Trousers 



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