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Willy Chavarria NYC Designer Menswear

WILLY CHAVARRIA launched his namesake label in 2015 after years of working within corporate fashion brands. There is a sensitive and cinematic approach to the WILLY CHAVARRIA collections. Chavarria takes content from his own upbringing in the agricultural fields and housing projects of the San Joaquin Valley and combines it with a high fashion sensibility and love for luxury that he developed during his years designing for Ralph Lauren.


He considers his clothing a way to connect personally with the feelings of today’s global citizens. The clothing is intended to be empowering and expressive in its approach to silhouette and fabrication. His concept blends the emotion of art and modern politics into a reactionary story of the human will.

The collection has a hard edge with a strong message of anti-hate sentiment including bold statements about racial, economic, and sexual identity.

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