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Palmiers du Mal is a modern luxury resort collection founded in New York City, conceptualized around the world, and fully made in New York City. Palmiers du Mal is inspired by philosophy and travel, design, sex, literature, and the lives of artists,
writers, gypsies, and philosophers, bridging aesthetics and the idea of a universal luxury label.
The shapes are global and timeless, constructed in lush cashmere and luxury textiles, and address a need for freedom- freedom to live leisurely, freedom of abstract thought, to indulge in pleasures, freedom from technology, to pursue debauched relaxation, to be comfortable doing absolutely nothing.
An underlying and omnipresent hedonism of thought defines a collection that functions outside of time and place- a sartorial embrace of meta-philosophy mixing bohemian and gypsy with tailoring and luxury fabrics-
Draping, proportion, pattern and volume interpreted in an unapologetically modern, urbane aesthetic.


PALMIERS DU MAL PDM Graphic Tee in Off-White
PALMIERS DU MAL PDM Graphic Tee in Black
PALMIERS DU MAL Hooligan Scarf
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PALMIERS DU MAL Blue Stripe Villa Pullover Shirt
PALMIERS DU MAL Horizontal Seersucker Como Trouser
PALMIERS DU MAL Striped Baja Hoodie
PALMIERS DU MAL Multi-Stripe Como Trouser