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Carlos Garciavelez is a designer, Harvard lecturer, architect, and urbanist based in New York City.
Combining his academic background and aesthetic sense, he worked for Alexander McQueen before starting his eponymous line. An active author and design critic, Carlos still lectures at Harvard while maintaining design duties to further the conversation between art, design, and architecture.
Based in New York City and designed for the creative collective - the urban nomad, metropolitan dweller, researcher and explorer - GARCIAVELEZ combines architectural construction, urban landscapes, and modern materials in a smart and sensible manner.
Each garment is Made In America with great attention to architectural detail to deliver comfortable clothing for today.
GARCIAVELEZ Grey Pinstripe Nomad Jogger Pant
GARCIAVELEZ Black Nomad Jogger Pant
GARCIAVELEZ Black Band Zip Hoodie
GARCIAVELEZ Grey Reverse Tank Hoodie
GARCIAVELEZ Black Reverse Tank Hoodie
GARCIAVELEZ Exclusive Pinstripe Scaffold Blazer
GARCIAVELEZ Oxidized Reverse Tank Tee Shirt
GARCIAVELEZ White Reverse Tank Tee
GARCIAVELEZ Black Palms Tank
GARCIAVELEZ Black and White Reversed Tank Tee
GARCIAVELEZ Short-Sleeved Hoodie
GARCIAVELEZ Gold Band Zip Front Hoodie
GARCIAVELEZ Khaki Nomad Jogger Pant
GARCIAVELEZ Black Palms Printed Bomber Jacket