Our ambition was simple:

We wanted to start our own business creating a new menswear brand. We had great plans to design a modern wardrobe for men, which was elegant, current, and fully crafted in the US, but something happened to us as we began the process.




As we did the research, we discovered that there were already great menswear designers right here in our own back yard. We discovered designers with great ideas, singular vision, and who were utilizing domestic manufacturing to fulfill their creative ambitions.

How could we be different? How would we distinguish ourselves from these brands and designers?


As we researched these brands, we realized that we couldn't find any of this incredible product. There were only a handful of retailers carrying other brands, and most were not available in the US.

There was something missing.


We started to wonder, how could we succeed as emerging designers without a platform where consumers could discover the best in up and coming American design and product?

While there were various groups supporting MADE IN AMERICA, domestic manufacturing, and heritage brands, there wasn't a platform championing emerging designers like us, who had big ideas, and who wanted to make them here. Make them here at HOME.

Luis turned to Jason and said, "Hey, why don't we do that instead?"

So why does it matter if something is Made in America or not?  Aren't we passed that by this point?


Perhaps, but we believe in America. 

We believe in the ingenuity of American design and the value of American-made products. We support  new creative voices, put our faith in the hands of local artisans, and aspire to share these items with everyone around the world. We are the modern advocate for NEW AMERICAN LUXURIES.
It's not just some idea, trend, or feeling for us. 

We work directly with the emerging brand, the independent designer, and the domestic factory.  Together we ensure that innovative ideas can become amazing products, and that these products can be experiences we all can share.

Our goal is to create a discussion around what it means to be creative in America - or even be American - in this modern day and age and how the design process  is an extension of that diverse cultural heritage. We're ready to argue if that means anything anymore, or if it's more important now than it has ever been.

This is who we are, and we are THE ENSIGN.  

Questions? Comments? Contact us.

*THE ENSIGN is based in New York City (which we also rate very highly at times...)* 

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